Aims and Scopes

Urbanization and modernization in today’s human life have affected our mental health through increased stressors and change in life style. In order to improve the quality of our life and to reduce the undesirable side effects of urbanization, we have to bring nature into our surroundings and home. Beside a good companion, ornamentals improve our health, reduce psychological and mental problems such as depression and violence through our aesthetic sense.

QMSCO2015 intends to express and highlight the most recent developments, innovations and scientific topics dealing with improving our understandings and sharing knowledge on various facts of ornamental production, application and marketing cycle with special emphasis on:

A) Ornamentals and Human Wellbeing: Aesthetics, Human Physical and Mental Health.

B) Propagation Techniques and Innovations: Breeding, Micro-propagation, Tissue Culture, Genetic Resources, Novel Ornamentals and Nursery Management.

C) Physiology and Biology: Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, Flower Colour and Scents, Flower Development, Disorders, Photosynthesis and Respiration, Dormancy, Senescence, Plant Growth Regulators, Ethylene, Metabolites, and Cellular Biology.

D) Cultivation Techniques and Innovations: Forcing Techniques, Protected Environment Cultivation, Nutrition, Soilless Culture (aeroponics, hydroponics, etc.), Pests, Diseases and Irrigation Technologies.

E) Harvest and Postharvest: Treatments, Improving Shelf and Vase Life, Storage.

F) Biotechnology: Recent Introduced Genes and Vectors, GMOs, Cell Suspension Culture, Genetic Engineering, Ornamentals Pharmaceutical Agents, Bioremediation and Gene Silencing.

G) Landscape: Applications, Development, Design, Trufgrass Management, Arboriculture.

H) Economics and Marketing: Production Systems, Quality in Handling Systems, Market Developments, Floral Business, Commercialization and Economics.