Poster Presentation:

Recommended poster dimension:

A0 size [118 cm (height) x 84 cm (width)] portrait orientation will be the standard size and orientation for posters.

Presenters should print their posters on one complete sheet. Small multiple sheets are not allowed and will be removed.

At the top of the poster, include the title, institution emblem, author name(s) and affiliations (organization, city, country). We suggest the poster to have title letters at least 2.5 cm high. Lettering for the author’s information (name and affiliations) may be smaller (1.25 cm).

Posters should include all parts of a full paper but briefly.


E-poster service:

Please keep in mind that we may print your poster for you at a cost of €20 per poster.

The poster should be submitted to the Secretariat office as .ppt or .pdf file with good quality no later than April 15th 2015.

Please ensure that the dimensions are formatted in the original ppt file before converting it to a pdf, as to avoid loss of quality; also ensure that the correct colours and formatting is shown in the pdf file.



Poster boards will be numbered consecutively and according to session number.

Each presented poster will be given a identification number. The poster identification number can be found in the abstract book and also on the list provided in the web site, and should be included in the right upper corner of your poster (in small font) to allow matching with poster board.

The poster presenter should mount their posters on the corresponding poster board.

The posters of the authors using the E-poster service will be mounted by the printing company.



The poster presenter is requested to be stationed by their poster during the first hour of the assigned session to facilitate discussion.



All posters are to be removed by the end of 3rd of May. Remaining posters after this time will be removed by the organization without the possibility of recovery.